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Transformations - The Butterly Project & Beyond

The San Diego Center for Jewish Culture

March 12 - May 28th, 2014

The Children's school of La Jolla A presentation on Fusing Glass

History and techniques of the Glass Fusing Process

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On Saturday, September 13, 2014, I attended the Warriors United Car show to present a Glass Award I created for  “ Eldy” Johnson, friend of Show Organizer , Ed Hanson – Of Ed Hanson’s Muffler Shop, known to Car Restorers and Builders from Far and Wide.  Eldy is facing one of Life’s Big Battles  and doing it with courage and grace for helping others and Ed Wanted to honor him.


The Award is one of my  Fused Glass  Bottles with a Wing Design.  Affiexed to it is an Emblem of the American Flag as the Background for the Pentagon  signifying the attack on 911.  (The Wounded Warrior Show is on the weekend close to 911).  The Inscription says


“Ed Hanson’s Hero”

Eldy Johnson

Most Courageous


The Medallion on the bottle says Freedom is not Free. 


(White Lucite Back Crafted by Mike McMillen, MGM Plastics- Brass Inscribed Placard with Eldy’s Name – Mike Telles, Dell Awards)  


“OOH RAH” to our military and Wounded Warriors





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