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Artist Statement

While the precise origins of glass fusing techniques are not known with certainty, there is archeological evidence that the Egyptians were familiar with techniques ca. 2000 BCE.


Although glass working in general enjoyed a revival during the Renaissance, fusing was largely ignored during this period. Fusing began to regain popularity in the early part of the 20th century, particularly in the U.S. during the 1960s. Modern glass fusing is a widespread hobby but the technique is also gaining popularity in the world of fine art. Fused on kiln up to 1600 degrees F, then cooled and annealed to relieve stress gives the finished pieces a hard durable quality.


Fused glass jewelry, embodies amazing luster, opal-like depth of color, and sparkling radiance - irresistible elements that make these pieces one of a kind art

”Purpose, Passion, Performance, Pride”


Glass art is ancient yet timeless. Clear, Opaque, lustrous ordinary, fragile- YET precious, but strong…… Glass offers endless possibilities as art pieces which I hope you enjoy.


Keith Wahl MD

Glass Artist

Interested in Selling My Artwork Retail?

Present and sell select pieces of our glass artwork within your gallery or retail environment.  I'd be happy to discuss the possibilites and options you have avaialbe through our wholesale customer catalog.


Please take a moment to register using the button at the top or bottom of our website and I look forward to speaking with you!

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